CVLab tools for OpenCV library
April, 2017 [authors: Jan Cychnerski and Adam Brzeski]
CV Lab enables convenient development of computer vision algorithms by means of graphical designing of the processing flow. Writing code with OpenCV might be a time-consuming process. It is often required to compile and run the code in order to see the results of the currently made changes. Especially, when some of the function parameters are to be tuned for establishing the optimal values. Some code also has to be added to provide presentation of the intermediate or final results of the algorithm.

Instead, CV Lab offers interactive construction of the algorithms. OpenCV functions are available in a form of a palette of image processing blocks. They can be drag'n'dropped into a diagram and connected to each other for defining the data flow. Outputs of the functions in the diagram can be previewed. Parameters are available as convenient widgets like sliders or spinners. Therefore, any change in the diagram or parameter values can be instantly observed in the selected previews. See more on the CVLab project website CVLAb